5 Minutes with Locate Productions


Introduce yourself…

Nick Williams, I am a location manager in film & TV. I have worked on large feature films in the past such as Ben Wheatley’s Free Fire and Warner Brothers Batman Begins. I now do lots of commercials around the south east of England and promos & channel branding for Sky, BBC and ITV.

What inspires you to make film/ moving image?

I think what inspires me to make films is the challenge and varied life that filming brings. 

How has Brighton & Hove influenced your work?

Generally Brighton & Hove is a very inspiring place to live and work and full of great locations and creative people.

What advice would you give to creatives working/ looking to work?

If I were to give advice to people looking for work it would have to be never give up and always keep trying to achieve your goals.

What is the most interesting part of your job?

The most interesting part of my job is dealing with people.

What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

As above. The most challenging aspect of my job is dealing with people!

Dead or alive who are the top 3 people you’d most like to collaborate with?

Bjork, Bob Marley, Alfred Hitchcock

If you could only take one film away with you on a desert island what would it be and why?

Withnail and I. I think that it is really just a great British film about real life…………..