Interview with Deborah Espect

Deborah Espect is a Brighton based, multi-award winning film maker. She has produced a number of LGTBQ films using Brighton as a backdrop. One of these films 'The World Can Wait' is touring film festivals around the world and this month is screening in Hawaii. 

Worthing’s ArtHouse Cinema

It’s not in one location. And it only appears once a month, Worthing film club has become the arthouse cinema Worthing was missing.


Timothy George Kelly took the initiative of artistically captured our nations post-referendum voice on film, in a documentary style with an art-house polish, Brexitannia.

Brighton's Biggest Rental House

Promotion Hire specialise in equipment hire, crewing, industry training and live multi-camera events.

More productions in Brighton?

  I’ve been eagerly anticipating the release of Ben Wheatley’s shoot ‘em up ‘Free Fire’ since I spent four days on the set as a production assistant in 2015. With its recent theatrical release, it has met its high expectation…

Legacy film and diaspora cinema

  “It’s a labour of love. We love doing it and we love screening these films. If we don’t do it, who will?” Legacy Film have gone from strength to strength since launching their first festival in Brighton five years ago,…

Quadrophenia DOP - Brian Tufano

Film City profiles Brian Tufano.

5 Minutes with CINECITY Co-Director Tim Brown

Tim Brown and I am Co-Director of CINECITY...

“The camera is God”

  Two highly skilled local cameramen, Peter Ditch and Ray Moore, have accumulated a wealth of experience at the coalface of the British film and television industry. They reveal the significance of a short end, the art of focus pulling,…

5 Minutes with Production Designer Anna Deamer

  Introduce yourself… I am a designer and art director and have worked in theatre, film, television and fine art. I teach courses in production design and art direction at Brighton Film School and Wimbledon College of Art alongside…